European Respiratory International Congress

European Respiratory Society (ERS)

Tracking – Evaluation – CME

Key figures

66 self-service, scanning stations deployed in 1.5 day / 4200 certificates downloaded / 4 different systems interfaced (API)


The European Respiratory Society (ERS) delivers “credits” to more than 22 000 of their participants attending accredited sessions of the scientific program of their yearly congress. These credits contribute to Continuous Medical Education (CME) of lung specialists.


CME credits earned are determined by a correlation of the time spent in the sessions capped at a half day. Using the same approach, ERS also provides certificates of attendance based on the registration fee of the participant.

The technical challenge was to manage “peaks” of scans at each start and end of session, and to ensure compliance with third-party applications.


k4prod k4fusion

Based on successful past experience and tools already developed with other medical associations, KEY4EVENTS provided to ERS a unique solution of tracking, evaluation, and certificate printing specifically adapted to their requests and rules in less than 2 months including:

  • self-service scanning stations in each room,
  • scanning at entrance and exit of sessions in order to determine time spent
  • live synchronization of scans allowing live evaluation of sessions via the mobile app of the congress
  • automatic calculation of credits
  • possibility of self-claiming by the delegate
  • transfer of CME data and certificates in the members portal myERS
  • full monitoring and assistance of the solution during and after the event


We built 4 different interfaces with external applications: myCRM, Congrex registration platform, SpotMe mobile app, myERS member portal.


Figures speak for themselves: 66 self-service, scanning stations deployed in 1.5 day, 4200 certificates downloaded, 4 different systems interfaced (API) and a client loyal for the year to come!