The event industry was severely disrupted in 2020 and 2021, requiring a radical shift and massive adoption of technology to continue during lockdown.

KEY4EVENTS had been preparing for this change in culture for several years through our K4register app.

KEY4EVENTS is now organised into 3 units:

K4PROD: our technical and production teams

K4FUSION: our event platform and suite with 9 modules: K4register, K4econgress, K4science, K4com, K4convention, K4stats, K4leads, K4access, and K4webinar

K4ACADEMY: the training programme with Qualiopi certification

KEY4EVENTS is paving the way for a new generation of events built around in-person and digital streams and connections.

This new generation of events requires freedom and flexibility:

Freedom to attend either online or in-person, in Marseille or Mumbai, day or night, today or in a week, one-to-one or in a mega-conference, to inform, educate, or entertain.

Flexibility in designing events by combining face-to-face and virtual components for the highest impact. And flexibility in the tools and infrastructure that can be combined with and plugged into client software to exploit all the data collected.

We have also expanded our CSR policies around KEY4EVENTS’ role, missions, and business to address the social and environmental impact of the events we produce and execute, contributing to our clients’ CSR goals.