Hybrid is the new normal

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Why choose between “physical” and “virtual”?

The pandemic has accelerated changes that have spent a few years in the events management pipeline. Digital is becoming widespread. Tomorrow’s events will be hybrid. Your conference will make the most of the benefits of both formats, thereby maximizing audiences, interactions, data sharing and processing.

As an experienced events management player, key4events has a comprehensive offer of software solutions available to events organizers, PCOs, professional associations and businesses. Our teams support you throughout your conference cycle – before, during and afterwards, by controlling the field-level issues of an event and any challenges on the day.

Why not let our figures do the talking ?

  • 16 years in business

  • 33 employees working in Nice, Paris, Marseille, and Monaco

  • Events on all continents

  • Scientific & corporate expertise

Key4Events' staff working

335 events in 2019 including :

équipe key4events

And already 500 live webcasts and webinars produced since January 2020

This has been achieved by ramping up our teams’ skills by 70%

Still not completely sure ?

Our added value
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What’s the key4events take on

the events management market ?

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