Software suite - K4FUSION

K4FUSION is a software suite specifically created to manage all aspects of a professional event. It is built around flows and meeting points, whether physical or digital, to seamlessly meet the needs of organisers, speakers, advertisers, and participants thanks to full compatibility with client CRMs, ERPs and CMSs.

Design your event’s service architecture using the 9 products packages of the K4FUSION software suite, which are fully integrated into the client ecosystem.

As a pioneer in the implementation of accreditation kiosks, key4events offers customizable kiosks in the congress colors. Allowing the participants to print their badges quickly.

  • Self printing
  • Self registration
  • Back office station

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The Program module manages the specifics of the processing of scientific abstracts, creation of sessions and the management of speakers. It is a collaborative tool created specifically to allow program managers to configure it in all its dimensions until its publication. With its guided workflow, it will facilitate the work of all collaborators in charge of creating the scientific program.

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In order to respond to the current challenges, our range of badges is now available, offering several customizable, durable and eco-friendly formats.

Bring your sessions to life with our hybrid interactivity! As a key factor in the sessions success , we offer technical solutions to boost exchanges between the audience and faculties.

  • Polling & Q&A
  • Audience questions

K4econgress is a SaaS platform covering all the needs associated with the production of a virtual event. A very true virtual "convention center", it includes a live video broadcasting system, real-time interactivity tools, a multimedia library and a set of sponsorship tools (exhibition hall, directory, mini website, advertising, etc.), a system for networking participants in conversational or video mode.

Highly customizable, K4econgress integrated with other solutions in the K4FUSIONrange allows retrieval and navigation within the program of your event, the generation of statistical dashboards, or the management of access rights.

With our access control solution -a key element of event management- we are able to handle the most complex cases during your events. This solution allows centralized check points management with real time updates of attendees. Thanks to our app installed on our connected terminals, we offer great flexibility in managing access control.

  • Tracking
  • Access control
  • Counting
  • Sign-in application

Our hybrid ePoster management solution allows the onsite display of your content as well as the ability to view them online on our virtual congress platforms.

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For your online or hybrid events, our teams speciallize in managing remote speakers.
In order to facilitate the speakers' task, we provide an individual support for each speaker and we take care of the technical aspect.

With our solutions, your exhibitors can easily build a database and follow-up with prospects.

  • Basic scanner
  • Mobile application

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The platform can be connected to the client's CRM system to target specific populations and organize access to certain resources within the community.

The system integrates a complete media library linked with indexing, categorization and advanced search tools, focused on helping users to navigate efficiently through large volumes of content.

The system integrates live video broadcasting and real-time interactivity capabilities to ease hosting of one-time or recurring live events within the platform (Webinars, internal Web TV, e-learning...).

Support throughout your event