Software suite - K4FUSION

K4FUSION is a software suite specifically created to manage all aspects of a professional event. It is built around flows and meeting points, whether physical or digital, to seamlessly meet the needs of organisers, speakers, advertisers, and participants thanks to full compatibility with client CRMs, ERPs and CMSs.

Design your event’s service architecture using the 9 products packages of the K4FUSION software suite, which are fully integrated into the client ecosystem.

The platform for managing your events.


Virtualise your conferences, from 100% virtual to 100% hybrid


Offer services to your members throughout the year


Interactive communication of your conference, before and during the event


Specific solutions for your scientific and medical conferences


Define and generate your statistical performance reports


Manage access, permissions and controls


Manage your sessions and content during the event


Create and broadcast live or replay webinars


Solutions to suit your every need


Support throughout your event

Teams of event professionals to accompany you throughout your operation, whether it is 100% physical, 100% hybrid or 100% virtual


Before, during and after your event, our professionals such as developers, mediators, logisticians, video and sound engineers…

Operations Manager


Logistics manager


Specialized technician


Customer support for digital platforms

Event project manager

Professional assistance for your participants