25e Congrès de Pneumologie de Langue Française (CPLF)

Société de Pneumologie de Langue Française

Ordering Platform

Key figures

20 years of fidelity with the ordering platform / 90 Exhibitor booths ordered per conference / 3200 Orders in total placed in the system


Since 2004, KEY4EVENTS has been a partner to Pneumologie Développement, the organizer of the “Congrès de Pneumologie de Langue Française” (CPLF). Each year, this national conference gathers near 4000 lung specialists, nurses and physiotherapists. Over 1000 professionals from the industry also take part in this 3-day conference. The CPLF is now a unique reference in this sector in France and French-speaking countries.


For 20 years, KEY4EVENTS has been providing CPFL with a wide range of solutions onsite (badges, registration, access control, tracking of participants, preview management system, poster management, exhibitor support) but also online with a dedicated website www.congres-pneumologie.fr including all the organizer requires (registration of individual participants, group registration, abstract submission, programme management) and more specially the ordering platform.


A specific online portal dedicated to actors of the industry and organizers has been implemented for the past 20 editions of the congress with following features:

  • A Database of industries, partners and technical societies of the sector
  • A Platform to place order(s) for exhibition booths, satellite symposia, other items of sponsorship of the conference (advertising of the mobile app, sponsoring of the conference bag, sponsoring of the lanyards, sponsoring of advertising page in the scientific program, etc.)
  • Selection of the booth on the exhibition floor plan
  • Online and offline payment
  • Possibility for the company to add internal references
  • Possibility to enter a list of staff badges (free badges based on the surface of the booth, additional ordered badges)
  • Consultation and electronic approval of the conference rules and terms
  • Consultation and download of order form and invoicing documents


Pneumologie Développement is totally independent in the setup of items and packages, and the management of the orders. Each year, in 3 1-hour sessions, 90% of the exhibition booths are sold!