European Society of Cardiology Education Team

European Society of Cardiology

eLearning Platform

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100 webinars produced per year


The European Society of Cardiology Education Team was looking for a technical platform to manage interactive live-streaming sessions for their e-learning platform.


KEY4EVENTS was tasked to set up 2 solutions, both demanding support and high reactivity from the teams:

A premium solution in a studio, where speakers are physically present.

A Basic solution with speakers manage their presentations from home.


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We settled on a combination of our stream-up interactive live streaming solution, and a dedicated Project Manager for each webinar operation.

  • For the premium format, we identified and accredited partner studios in key cities, that we proposed to the client.
  • For the basic format, we built a custom technical solution based on tools the client was used to.

Stream-up platform offered all the functionalities needed such as secured live streaming, polls, questions, moderation, access policy with API to connect with existing membership system.

Our project managers enabled a « Webinar As A Service » solution, with dedicated support before, during and after the webinar (ppt preview, transport of speakers from/to airports, lunches, post-production, etc.).


The ESC Education Team could focus on their work, without being disrupted by logistical or technical issues, handled by K4prod teams, thus consolidating our 8 years relationship of trust.