European Society of Cardiology Annual Congress

European Society of Cardiology

Remote A/V Production

Key figures

10 channels in parallel / 3 days / 30 people in a dedicated team


Due to the COVID19 context, the European Society of Cardiology’s yearly congress, 2021 edition, took place in a virtual mode.


The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) was looking for a solution to produce 10 audio/video channels live in parallel, with speakers connected from home, sharing slides, and answering audience questions.

The ESC wanted a solution with a highly professional rendering (jingles, titles, transitions…) while staying very simple to use for speakers, supported by a dedicated team and a complex show flow (transitions, ads, multiple production teams…).


The solution we proposed was to dedicate a team of 30 people, with different profiles such as directors (to produce and mix the live stream), hosts (to assist speakers during lives), postproduction editors and project managers.


k4prod k4fusion

Several warm-ups and rehearsals were planned before the « real » live. The 10 parallel live channels were managed by a Production Manager, experienced with large events involving complex show flows. He managed the transition between sessions, ads, streams, to produce a linear stream on all channels and give a seamless experience to the online audience.

We built a dedicated software to help synchronize the 10 teams work (to know when ON AIR / OFF, when a session was ending…), operated by the Production Manager.

All the streams were encoded by our systems and sent to the client platform.


Challenge met with success during the 3-day congress, serving 10 channels in parallel.