Advanz Digital Hub

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Multi-event Platform

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5 Languages / Compliant to 5 European pharmaceutic regulations / Available for 1 year


Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Advanz Pharma encountered difficulties to keep in touch with healthcare professionals. Advanz Pharma asked KEY4EVENTS to implement a virtual platform accessible at any time and from any digital device.


The platform aims at proposing on-demand content for healthcare professionals as well as lives such as webinars or symposia.

This virtual platform should propose access rights specific for French, English, German, Spanish and Italian healthcare professionals, and respect European pharmaceutic compliance regulation.



The provided virtual platform handled the following features:

  • Multi-language platform
  • Live sessions, interactivity and chat, on-demand content…
  • Restricted access to lives / on-demand contents per nationality
  • An exhibition map with 5 booths (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy)
  • A specific registration process to confirm only Advanz Pharma’s healthcare professionals.

Post-event follow-up:

  • Analytics reports provided after each live event


Challenge successfully met with a platform compliant with 5 different European pharmaceutic regulations and sessions translated in 5 languages.