Just 10 days ago, we launched our brand new myKEY4 platform! ๐ŸŽ‰ It’s more than just a tool: it’s an experience […]

KEY4EVENTS and all of its team members would like to express their sincere best wishes for a year filled with […]

We are delighted to present our brand news Customer Service, designed to provide you with an optimal experience and meet […]

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This is Jasmine, our first UX & UI designer recruit. After a 6 month long internship, Yasmine started a work […]

๐Ÿ“ธ Last Monday, the Welcome to the Jungle team came to our new offices in Sophia-Antipolis. This was a great […]

A look back at the 4th ISCAE Meeting recorded and streamed online by our teams. Hot topic : Conspiracy theories by […]

In order to show our support for Pink October, Key4events has decided to partner with the 1st edition of Antibes […]

In order to meet the events’ world new expectations, key4events are now positionning themselves on hybrid events which combine both […]

With the team growing , sharing information quickly and efficiently is a challenge! How to remain up to date, when […]