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Our objective is to avoid recreating the real-life constraints in virtual events : remotely, people will change their way of consuming information during a congress.

Christophe Michau


Head of Media Solutions

Christophe Michau

Before he joined key4events in August 2019, Christophe used to be an associate and CTO at Nasteo, a company specializing in live streaming that was taken over by K4 last year. Today, Christophe and his team oversee the development of solutions that help with the production, management, storage, and streaming of media content. A job at the crossroads of data processing and broadcasting, to serve the professionals in event organization !

A word about your job and your team ?

“I have always dealt with virtual communities and how to manage them. Many years ago at Nasteo, I even used to work on chat projects for… the Minitel ! If I had to put one word to sum up my career, it would definitely be : interactivity. Which my team is bringing to K4’s Media Solutions. We are a growing team of five : Béatrice, Kanké-Elise, Yassine, Géraldine and I. They all are project leaders with strong operational skills, and they can handle both the technical and the human logistics of their events. Our mission is to bring efficient storage and broadcasting solutions to big congresses. Recently, we had our web-TV based solutions (that help manage video media) evolve towards a global platform that aims at integrating all the client’s media (videos, PowerPoint presentations, illustrations, etc.) and connecting every piece of it to K4’s other products, such as the Register platform.”


Two words about your daily work ?

“My daily work is at the crossroads of data processing and broadcasting. For a long time, those fields did not really communicate. Today, they do ! You just need to have a look at the Covid-19 crisis and all the TV interviews that make good use of Skype, Zoom and so on. The sanitary situation had a huge impact on our activity : in events, especially in the medical and scientific fields (to talk about most of our clients), physical events must become virtual. People can’t just stop what they do : things must move on, and they need to keep communicating.

For example, we make almost daily webinars on Covid-19 for one of our clients – a major European scientist association. They aim at informing health professionals, with speakers from all over the world that go live from their homes. To make it possible while being quarantined at home, our teams adapt a lot : we rebuild studio control rooms in our houses, especially the ones who have high speed networks.” 


Three words about what’s at stake right now ?

“Two things are at stake today. On the one hand, right now, we must be able to create 100% virtual congresses for the clients who need the maintain their events. On the other hand, we need to anticipate the evolution of practices : in the medium term, we will showcase hybrid events, both physical and virtual. At K4, we think the classic pattern of the scientific congress will change. The event that used to last x days, with conferences in x rooms, might follow a mixed model. Our objective is to avoid recreating the real-life constraints in virtual events : remotely, people will change their way of consuming information during a congress.

In the future, there will be face-to-face moments for the major milestones of an event, with live broadcasting and many interaction possibilities, as well as pre-recorded presentations that will be available online. The attendees will be able to select the media of interest, while still being able to interact with the speakers : indeed, K4 was able to recreate some asynchronous Q&A solution in order to maintain all the value of interrelating during a congress.

In the medium term, practices and habits will evolve. K4’s Media Solutions already integrate those new needs to prepare for the world of tomorrow : hybrid events, where the virtual part will make it possible to both expand the audience and meet the environmental expectations of our society.”