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Even for a virtual event, you need teams who understand the technical and human challenges in the field !

Victoire Ehlinger


E‑Conference Project Manager

Victoire Ehlinger

Victoire has been a project manager at key4events since the summer of 2020. Her career path and personal life have had an international flavour (covering Singapore, Germany, South America and Belgium). That explains her good people skills ! And that’s a key skill to have. Especially when, post-lockdown, she had to put forward a virtual conference solution that would largely preserve the event’s human dimension.

Tell us a bit about your job

‘After two years in the congress department of MCI Brussels and one year as an events freelancer for MCI, the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco and key4events, I ended up joining the latter as a project manager. Five of us have this role at K4, with a portfolio of events to manage all year round.’


 Tell us a bit about your everyday life

‘I oversee a range of projects, many in medicine and science, as those fields are among key4events’ areas of expertise. I especially like large-scale conferences, which require coordinating a multitude of teams, both in the field and – because of Covid – remotely ! Recently, my everyday working life has been taken up by organising ECCVID, the conference from ESCMID (European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) on coronavirus.

I managed this original event with help from other project managers, who came for support, especially in handling live talks. With precise specifications and a limited timescale, we developed a tailor-made tool that helped this international conference bring together tens of speakers and thousands of participants online.’


 Tell us a bit about your challenges

‘Although this event was all-virtual, it quickly started looking like our usual large on-site projects. We had to coordinate the work of over 30 employees spread over teams in development, registration, support, live streaming and post-production. Our developers did a terrific job in producing – in barely two months – a tool that met all the client’s needs.

The health situation radically changed our habits. We even had to finalise some modules just a few days before the conference began ! In record time, the registration teams handled the registration process, the submission and validation of abstracts, and the event’s scientific programme. For live streaming, key4events took a new approach : an all-live conference with contributions from almost 150 speakers over three days. For online events, we were used to combining live streams with high-quality pre-recorded sessions. Here we opted for an arrangement that was simpler but still first-rate, of course, giving more flexibility and limiting the risk of technical problems.

We managed six rooms at the same time non-stop for three days, incorporating all the constraints of live streaming (lateness of speakers, disconnections, etc.) and interactions between all participants. And our post-production team worked flat out to polish the day’s content and make sure it was shared on the event’s online platform by the evening that day. What’s more, this content can be viewed until December. That’s the advantage of a digital conference : its lifespan after the event!’

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