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We are proud to be awarded the Prestadd certification. This benchmark in sustainable development promotes CSR best practices among businesses in live performance and event management. The Prestadd label being given to key4events is a result of the environmental and social approach we have adopted for our firm to grow in an ethical way.


Strengthening the three pillars of sustainable development at key4events

Behind the scenes of events, whether they are virtual, on-site or hybrid, are many challenges regarding the environment, social affairs and business. And at key4events, we strive to provide suitable solutions that are sustainable and quality-oriented. Now these solutions have been recognised through this Prestadd label, awarded for a four-year period, up to 3 March 2025.

The certification was developed by professionals in the sector to best fit their social and financial possibilities, and to adapt standards to their activities. It includes over 70 criteria for which we had to respond by providing proof (invoices, photos and various in-house documents).

And by 2025, CSR initiatives applied by key4events in-house will have surely led to new labels of recognition for us in social affairs and ecology.

Environment : an extra step towards Green IT with the Prestadd label

Any event affects the environment, whether through its energy consumption, transport, CO₂ emissions, communications or design. For our planet’s future, each service should be as green as possible. And through the Prestadd certification, key4events is proud to have proven its ability to work towards sustainable, responsible event management !

Social policies : supporting employees better

With the Prestadd label, we have a working method that is better adapted to the particularities of event management. It is a teaching tool that helps us apply relevant, sustainable HR policies centred on staff training, without forgetting occupational risk management. This support is vital, especially since our personnel has grown considerably in recent months, increasing from 33 employees to nearly 50 in 2020.

Business : responsible procurement and long-lasting activities

At key4events, we are keen to act responsibly, both in social affairs and business. This third pillar of CSR, also closely inspected as part of the Prestadd certification, requires coherent integration of the firm into its economic and social environment. This involves responsible procurement and a market approach that seeks to make business activities long-lasting. Once again, everything is about sustainability.


To go beyond the Prestadd label, our teams are working on projects in responsible digital technology and green IT. These are issues of great concern that have been highlighted more than ever by the health crisis. As an event management expert, key4events will be relentlessly orienting its activities towards a comprehensive CSR approach, as can be seen in our latest initiative with the association Zack.