When you choose key4events for overseeing the technical side of your conference, you’re choosing an experienced partner who uses all technical and human resources needed to serve you.

Over 15 years on the ground

We’ve got our fingers on the pulse of event management issues. What are our strengths ? Adaptability and flexibility, which are vital on the ground. Our teams provide a high-quality service. They apply solutions that evolve in tune with changes in event management to best meet your needs.

Scientific expertise

The biggest players in medicine and science have been entrusting us with the task of organising their conferences, from the European Society of Cardiology to the European Respiratory Society. With our excellent knowledge of these sectors, we’re able to apply the best solutions for each event and develop tailor-made tools for our clients.

Human support

Technology isn’t everything ! You need responsive human support, for both on-site and virtual events, to be ready for all eventualities that any event can involve. And that’s where our teams stand out. They’re ever available to support you before, during and after your conference.

Commitment to CSR

Both in on-site and virtual events, we opt for solutions in line with our values in CSR. We’re keen to tackle the societal and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow by adopting ethical, sustainable practices in the way we work. What’s more, since 2021 key4events has held the Prestadd label of CSR standards in event and show organisers.