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We’re putting in place participative, sustainable approaches to help our teams flourish and limit our environmental impact.

Fanny Ricciardi


CSR intern at key4events

Fanny Ricciardi

Fanny Ricciardi learned design and CSR at The Sustainable Design School, then at Green Management School. She has always had a particular interest in sustainable innovation and what she calls ‘social’ or ‘participative’ design. In short, this is design conceived alongside people, for people. For several months, she has been putting her convictions about sustainability and human relations to good use for key4events.

Tell us a bit about your job

‘key4events has now put together a team in charge of finding ways to apply a more ethical approach in regard to society. I’m in direct contact with the firm’s senior management, with free rein for implementing new approaches and initiatives in CSR and design thinking. It’s really exciting, especially as my job is built up and enriched each day as we advance and as our ideas emerge!’

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 Tell us a bit about your everyday life

‘My role is to find new methods and bring in fresh vision for our growing firm. The main project I was recruited for completed its first phase last month : it was awarded the Prestadd certification, a reference in sustainable development for event management firms. We’ve spotted many areas for improvement and we’ve still got work to do to get better in the three fields of CSR : environmental affairs, social policy and the economy.

So my day-to-day work over the coming months will include a variety of projects. Covid has shown us that nothing is set in stone. Everything can change suddenly. And to adapt to new situations better, nothing beats a participative approach : involving employees, those who work most closely with our products and services, to restructure and strengthen the culture of key4events.’

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 Tell us a bit about your challenges

‘I’ve got no doubt about the ability of key4events to innovate : the teams have more than proved that by adapting to the health crisis ! It’s a firm that’s grown quickly, going from thirty employees to fifty in just a year. So one of my challenges in CSR is to create an employer brand to unite the teams around a common vision and shared values.

Above all, this involves brainstorming – and that’s even being carried out right now – about the employee journey at key4events. Making a welcome leaflet is just the start of that. I’ve got many aims for the way the firm works in-house. For example, we’re thinking about creating a platform – a kind of intranet – through which employees can swing into action, beyond everyday operations, on cross-disciplinary matters about well-being and the quality of life at work. In short, a space for sharing and open discussion.

What’s more, the new managers, who have become managers to oversee our ever-growing teams, have been given training in management and in handling emotions. That’s a true CSR issue that helps take into account really important human challenges ! All teams will also soon be invited to take part in innovation workshops. And what’s the aim of these ? To give a group of employees a chance to reflect together, sometimes with an external speaker, on a well-defined theme. It’s all about opening up possibilities !

The last challenge, which has not been a small one, has been to place a sustainable environmental approach at the very heart of our ecosystem. We’re not limiting ourselves to the Prestadd certification : we’re encouraging green initiatives. For example, we’ve renewed our IT assets responsibly and we’re reviewing our development processes, which still consume too much energy today. It’s up to us to find alternatives that are more responsible!’

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