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It’s now vital to interconnect all tools for managing an event, whether on-site, virtual or hybrid.

Olivier Vermander


key4events Solutions Manager

Olivier Vermander

Olivier Vermander holds a dual master’s degree in IT project management and risk management. He joined key4events in 2009. There he discovered on-the-ground event management and all the operational challenges relating to our solutions. He can remember the very first version of our platform key4register, when it was just a software program for registrations. Since then, this program has changed greatly, integrating many extra services and modules.

Tell us a bit about your job

‘Today, I’m a key4events Solutions Manager, working alongside a team of project managers. The job involves designing key4events tools for comprehensive interconnection. We recently upgraded the platform key4register for more intuitive, modernised usability. This was a big project that required good knowledge of client needs and sector challenges.’

 Tell us a bit about your everyday life

‘Let me begin with an anecdote. When the key4events IT team first started, it developed a tool mainly for managing an event’s speakers and entry passes. Ten years ago, a client needed a software program for registrations for their events. And that’s how key4register was born. Since then, this software program has never stopped changing, integrating new modules, such as a module for managing abstracts. Now my role is to review the entire usability of the tool, given that it’s been built up bit by bit and that it can sometimes lack coherence as a whole.

To develop this new version of key4register, we took into account the participants’ different working environments to produce a responsive design for optimised display of the interface on any device. This new version features a simplified design, as well as menus and tools grouped together more logically and restyled lists. Now it’s up to us to train our clients in using the tool.’


 Tell us a bit about your challenges

‘We’ve got to go beyond key4register. Our main challenge is to break down barriers between fields in on-site event management and online solutions. We’d already been working towards this for a while when Covid threw into sharp relief the importance of interconnecting on-site and virtual services. Today, whether there’s a health crisis or not, a conference speaker who can’t attend an event should still be able to give their talk remotely in excellent conditions. And by mixing on-site and online features you can reach an ever-wider audience.

So we need a tool that can manage all these services in their entirety. My task is to redesign our solutions by functional component so that a client can enjoy any combination of services according to their needs.

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Today, we’re all experiencing this growth in platforms and gateways to information. What key4events wants to do is link all these train carriages together : both our tools and those of our clients. If a client wants to integrate a service that they usually manage in-house or through another external service-provider, then that option should be open to them. It’s about efficiency, performance and quality.

That’s why key4events promotes unification of tools needed to organise events. So this new version of key4register is just a pilot project for a broader approach where functional components are separated so they can then be interconnected in a better way.’