With our mobile studio, we can put together a TV set in under three hours at an event.

Frédéric Ituarte

Audiovisual Project Manager

Frédéric Ituarte

Frédéric is a project manager at key4events with a strong background in the audiovisual world. In fact, you could say he’s got a lot of baggage in the sector, as he also carries a mobile studio ! In the space of just a few hours, he can install it for recording and producing client events !

Tell us a bit about your job

‘I joined key4events in 2008, having begun my career in a firm in audiovisual events management on the French Riviera. At the time, they were our service provider in IT hardware leasing. I was hired when K4 wanted to strengthen its relationship with conference centres. They needed someone with good technical skills in audiovisual methods to serve as an interface. So, I’m now a project manager in charge of audiovisual tools and event recordings.’

 Tell us a bit about your everyday life

‘In the team, there are five or six project managers, including me. We work as twosomes, with technicians helping too. I often oversee the control room and coordinate with conference centres hosting the events. Over the years, we’ve become more independent here at K4, buying equipment and insourcing audiovisual services. Daily life is intense and exciting as each event is different, with its own challenges.’

 Tell us a bit about your challenges

‘With Covid, many video recordings for events were cancelled from one day to the next. So we made the most of the crisis to develop services adapted to virtual technology and, in the medium term, to hybrid solutions. During lockdown, our team trained itself in new technical solutions in streaming. This helped us become quickly operational for new client requests.

We now have a mobile studio. It’s a kit that includes cameras, lights and microphones. With it, we can put together a small TV set in under three hours. For example, last week, the studio was used in the Nice Shoulder Course, a regular science conference that took place completely virtually for the first time. Three doctors, including the organiser, spoke from the TV set. The audience and other speakers, most of whom were abroad, were off-site. With our control room and workstations for managing all the speakers online, we provided a high-quality service over the three days of the conference, with interactions made possible between speakers and participants. This was a first for the Nice Shoulder Course and everything went smoothly. The challenges in this post-summer period will be slightly different, with a partial return to on-site events. So, we’ll have to manage hybrid audiovisual services, will the possibility of high-quality streaming for people who can’t travel.’