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All events applications need to evolve in order to remain competitive and meet the market’s needs.

Dominique Blasco

Photo of Dominique Blasco on his laptop

CTO at key4events

Dominique Blasco

Confined with his family, like most of the French right now, Dominique Blasco is managing his dev team remotely. At key4events, the “Events” activity has been suspended due to the Covid-19 crisis but as far as “Development” is concerned, the team is running at full capacity. For this first K4 portrait, let’s have a look at Dominique’s organization.

A word about your job and your team ?

“I come from the industry, which inspired me to set up new Agile processes at K4, and more precisely a new organization for the dev team. Today, I am the company’s CTO and I manage a R&D division that is organized in a project mode, with 5 project leaders who handle the clients’ requests ; those project managers have a strong expertise to support our customers and they also work with an Application Manager, a Level 1 Support Manager, a Quality Manager, and a Process & Tools Managers who sets up the developing environments and testing platforms. I want the developing process to be transverse, based on a functional approach. key4events now has a great machine, our K4 Software Factory, ready to meet big challenges and our clients’ highest expectations!”

Several laptops

Two words about your daily work ?

“For K4, developing is about two types of tools. On one side, you have the software to be developed precisely for our clients, based on requirements specification. On the other side, there are internal applications that we use to set up our solutions for congresses and other types of events. From access monitoring to the management of the abstracts. All these applications need to evolve in order to remain competitive and meet the market’s needs. Overall, my dev team of 15 collaborators is fully invested in those missions ! During busy times, we may even need help from partners in France or Asia. Today, despite the crisis, we are hiring : a DotNET developer, if you may know one.”

computer screen that displays a videoconferencing room

Three words about what’s at stake right now ?

« With Covid-19, our developers are mobilized and really busy ! Which is quite paradoxical, if I may say. But our clients’ projects are at stake here : some of them are big European scientific associations willing to go on with the development of their tools, looking forward to getting back to work when the crises is over. Because events are not dead ! Obviously, all this activity at K4 is managed remotely : work from home has soon become effective and the teams talk to each other through Skype, Slack, WhatsApp… We have regular conf calls to keep rhythm in this usual organization. Alongside those projects, we are also getting ready for K4’s own ‘back-to-school’: our application for access control will be improved ; we also work on some confidential innovation projects ; and we are about to redesign key4register, our ERP software for event organization. New look, new functionalities. We will have an updated version in September, and a brand-new tool to start the year 2021. »