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During lockdown, society adapted and reorganised its methods, with people making use of digital technology to work from home and spend their time. Event management has also proven it can make use of new solutions. The sector has been badly hit by the Covid-19 crisis. Yet it has the potential, agility and strength to bounce back.

More virtual than ever before

Let’s see the glass half-full

Today’s health situation has speeded up a change that had already begun several years ago : the digitalisation of our events. Conferences want to be accessible to as many people as possible and make it easier to share data. That’s why they’re increasingly incorporating live streams and other platforms for discussion. At the same time, webinars have never been more popular.

Getting trained and informed online – often by video – has become instinctive, both in people’s working lives and leisure time. In the face of coronavirus, this approach should be encouraged.

Responding to the crisis with digital solutions

Covid-19 might be troublesome, but it opens new doors. In the face of upheaval, people can fall by the wayside or adapt. We’re sure that event management will get back on its feet. There are already digital solutions that are financially viable in contexts like this one. Key4Events bears witness to this, having recently helped organise hybrid conferences that combine physical presence with talks given remotely, when the virus wasn’t requiring full lockdown. Social media, especially the Twittersphere, have also been turning into virtual trade fairs to make up for cancelled ones. Some of our clients are so determined to recover and hold at least some of their events that they’re now considering e‑conferences, even if that means bringing people together only virtually.

Today, our teams are closely involved in the crisis, serving key players in health. Very recently, our solutions were used to hold a webinar to train several hundred doctors in Covid-19 management.


Let’s see the glass half-full ! With widespread digitalisation of our everyday lives, we have a special lab for enlarging the scope of what’s possible in event management. And these possibilities should serve those on the frontline who are fighting the pandemic.