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The key4events team is keen to get back to working ‘normally’. We wish you the very best for this new year getting under way. May event management finally recover in 2021 !  May your congresses, conferences and events be organised in the conditions they truly deserve.

If you had told us a year ago that Covid would have as big an impact on our clients’ specifications as it actually has done, we would probably not have believed you. But now our teams are masters of this new situation. Our technicians have upskilled. New recruits have swollen the ranks of key4events to meet your needs. And in-house we have increased threefold the number of project managers in virtual event management. At the same time, our solutions are constantly adapting.

Dear 2021, we are ready to meet your challenges, whether technical or human.

Happy New Year to you all !

And remember : hybrid is our new normal.