On-demand software


ERS was looking for a sustainable solution to support full process of their Fellowship programme
(existing types like short, long term but also be able to configure and adapt to new future types) to:

Office document

Replace manipulation of multiple office documents

Manual Work

Decrease manual work

Automate life cycle

Target to automate the full life cycle

Because of new strategy, ERS was waiting an increase of volume from 150 to 1,000 applications in a year.
In order to support this progression, key points of targeted system were scalability, flexibility, dashboards, reporting and automation.

Our proposal

Based on our strong references on abstracts management tools (supporting submission, reviewing, notification processes also provided to ERS),
we have decided to re-use this engine and adapt it to the ERS Fellowship context:

More data managed and several files attached, specific workflows with different deadlines, automatic eligibility check procedure, budget calculation and payments agenda generation, reportings

integration in ERS environment
(website, authentication via myERS portal)

Actual figures

Around 500 applications managed on 7 different type of Fellowship programme

ERS Fellowship users: 3

Fellowship management platform
Fellowship management platform
Dashboard of Fellowship management platform