Coca-Cola Convention

Since 2017, key4events is the information technology supplier for the organizing agency of the annual Convention of the french Coca-Cola company.

It starts with the emailing of invitations to bring attendees on our online plateform where they can fill their preferences. Organization manage their registration including accommodation and transport with the same online system.

A few weeks before the event, the mobile application is released to attendees. The app. allow them to find their itinerary and their accommodation booking. If they are coming by plane or by train, the electronic ticket is attached.

Our self-service printing stations combined with the barcode on the mobile app help them to get their badge in a few seconds.

The event starts and they can still use the mobile app. to interact with the organization and fill-in a survey form to help the organizers to improve the event.

 Some statistics

1300 Participants

Application download rate 90%


IconeRegistration management

IconeMobile app

IconeCheck-in and printing badges in self-service

 Special features

IconeRoom sharing functionality

IconePre-selected transportation plans based on participant city

IconeLuggage tags when reception of participants

Inscription en ligne
Application mobile dédiée
Check in et impression du badge sur place